Since 2001, DataConsult Ltd. has been providing system administration and other IT services to small and medium-sized companies.


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IT Support for Small and Medium Companies

  • System administrator tasks:
    Construction and operation of complete networks. Existing network optimization, solving performance problems. Computers, components, computer equipment, software purchase, installation, operation, troubleshooting. IT security: proper anti-virus and malware protection, firewall design, regular automated data recovery, maintenance of databases and database systems. Linux and Windows servers installation and operation. Remote administration building, telephone assistance and advice. Ask for a personal offer!
  • Community web portals and webpage creation
    For Companies, Schools, Municipalities, Associations, Condominiums, Churches, Events, etc. (With features such as forums, voting, etc.)
  • Custom software creation
    Would you like a software that works for you on a daily basis, or handles monthly recurring tasks? Data conversion, reporting automation. Data warehousing systems for different data management information system.
  • Teleworking
    Would you like to work from home with a secure, encrypted connection that is protected from virus attacks?
  • Free licensed software
    Tired of buying the almost identical operating system every 2-3 years? Having trouble understanding the conditions of a license agreement? Do you find Office too expensive? Use free, licensed, virus-free, open source software instead; we can help with your decision! (OS, office suite, database managers, graphics programs, web, mail, database, server programs, etc.). Use a free, licensed, virus-free, open source software where appropriate, we help you to switch! (OS, office suite, database managers, graphics programs, web, mail, database, server programs, etc.).
  • Intranet/web development
    Drowning in e-mails, unable to follow who answered what and when? Try something different: Use an internal communications interface with forums and voting to make it easier to follow the conversation. It is a tried and tested method that could be beneficial for You as well.
  • Advocacy introduction of new IT systems
    If you want to introduce a new IT system, but the developer always turns down the offer, you might require a professional representative to advocate your cause. If you wish that the introduction of your new system" does not last for years or end in failure, consider our services.

Our company provides fast and flexible software development background to our clients. We create software for special business requirements with cost effective open source solutions, and provide IT support for our clients.